Tony Faulkner

Independent recording engineer


  • Microphones: AEA44; AKG C61; Beyer M160; Neumann M50, TLM193, KM103, KM131, KM143; Rode K2, NTG3 shotguns, NT1 (2014), NT5, NT6, NT55, lavalier, pinmic; Royer SF24; Schoeps CCM2H, CCM21, CMC65U, CMC68U, CMC621U; STC 4038.
  • Preamps by EAR, Peach and Audient.
  • Recorders by SADiE and JoeCo.
  • Monitoring by Quad and Event Opal.
  • Video cameras by Sony and Ikegami.
  • Post-production by SADiE, Adobe Audition, CEDAR and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • CD duplication and on-body printing by Microboards

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